Beginner Custom Dance Hula Hoop


featuring Tie Dye Deco Tapes!

A rainbow of basic Deco tapes! Choose from Prismatic Squares, Sequin, or Hologlitter.

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Customize your own hoop!
My stock of colors varies, but I do my best to create a hoop almost exactly how you want it, even if I have to special order materials!

Start with the star of your show, the “Deco Tape”, currently available in: Silver Spiro Holographic, red Hologlitter, Orange Mirror, Teal Mirror, Magenta Sequin, Black Prism, Royal blue Prism, Neon green Prism, Hot pink Prism. There are SO MANY MORE COLORS than listed, and it comes and goes!

Next is a coordinating vinyl. The purpose of the vinyl is to fill in gaps or edge your deco tape. Available in: Red, Orange, Yellow, Jade green, Hunter green, Brown, Black, White, Navy Blue, Royal blue, Violet, or Baby Pink.

Lastly, get your hoop some grippiness for ease of hooping with Gaffers tape. The colors available are 1″ Bright Blue, Neon green (limited time), Hot Pink, Purple, Burgundy(maroon)
1/2″ Red, Black, White, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Brown and Teal.
Feel free to simply choose a deco and a gaffers.

Standard beginner hoops are typically the 100PSI weight–not too heavy, but sturdy enough for new hoopers. If you would like a hoop that targets your core more, AND you do not intend to do more than waist hooping with it, choose the heavier 160PSI FITNESSS weight. I do not add weight to my hoops. The variation in weight comes from the thickness of the tubing itself.

If you would like to order a child-size hoop, or a hoop that is for more advanced tricks like off-body and isolation work, you want to select the 1/2 125 Psi option. I can go smaller than the 36″, just convo me more specific details.

Your hoop will come to you with the Infinity style connection for shipping and travel, if it is 38″ and larger. If it is smaller, shipping may be more. Infinity hoops fold down in a “Figure Eight”, and then fold in half. They open back up easily, but require a little bit of shaping, and relax time to retain their circular “hoopiness” . The more you hoop with it, the more it rounds out.

Polypro hoops are also available in a seperate listing in this shop. This material (Polypropylene) is different than PE in its responsiveness. It is super lightweight, and very zippy. This tubing will TAKE YOU TO ANOTHER LEVEL!! Learn more advanced tricks and you are unstoppable!

I typically just carry the natural, semi-transparent tubing because of it’s low cost and versatility. A basic PP hoop will run approximately $15. I can sand your hoop, add push button travel connectors, or even tape it for you for a few dollars more.

Thanks for your interest!

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