Fairy Wingz Color Morphing Taped Hoop




Dance your way into your very own Fairy Realm with these shimmery translucent hoops! Watery and pale pinks, blues and lavenders are soft and sweet, while red, dark blue, and smoky green/purple are feisty and playful.

Select a color from the drop down menu. Please be sure to specify size, and if you prefer HDPE over polypro. These look prettier on polypro simply because it let’s more light in, giving it even more of a “Fairy Wing” effect.

“Oberon”–Smoky black-purple with a sheen of metallic green
“Nocturne”–Dark blue with an electric glow
“Celestia”–The palest sky blue
“Rosalie”–Dark rosy Magenta
“Ember”‘–Hot Red-Orange color
“Serena”–Soft petal pink

Your hoop will come with a single push button and rivet connection. Same insert material is used as the hoop (polypro insert with polypro hoop, hdpe with hdpe).
It will come partially coiled down for shipping. Once unpacked, it is advised that you let the hoop breathe open while left disconnected for a bit, that way your hoop regains its shape.
I don’t recommended that you connect your hoop back onto itself for travel. This can put great strain on your connector and it could snap.


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