Fire Wicks for Hula Hoops adjustable band


Pele wicks are commonly used by fire hoopers who like the ability to change the configuration of their wicks, or the convenience of not having to replace an entire fire hoop if the tubing gets melted in a mishap.



Pele Fire Wicks

This is the well known style of wick for any fire hoop…just add your own hoop! Sold individually, fire wicks come with a nut driver tool for every purchase of 5 wicks.

Pele wicks are now available in the 5/8″ size so that there is no overhang!

If you choose the Universal fit option, the banding is adjustable and will fit onto 5/8″ tubing (tape the overhang with electrical tape for comfort), 3/4″ polypro or HDPE. It will also fit onto PE tubing that has an OD of 1″ max.

To install the wick on your hoop, you do not need to open your hoop up!  Simply unscrew the nut with the tool provided.  A flathead screwdriver will also work.  The banding will release from the base and you can wrap it around your hoop.  find the location that you want your wick to be, reinsert the band into the base, and tighten the nut.  You may have to apply some pressure on the end of the band as it begins to go in.

**these wicks have a lifetime warranty on the hardware. Warranty does not carry over to the wicking, as normal wear and repeated use does limit the life of the wicks. For wick longevity, read about methods used to prolong them. Personally mine are three years old and going strong!

Don’t forget to spin safely!  If you are new to fire spinning, you should already have some safety fundamentals in equipment, and what to do in case of a mishap.  LiviJoyHoops only sells the wicks, and is not responsible for any  damage or injury caused by negligence or misconduct.  Additionally, always check your equipment between each burn!  Tighten the nuts as often as necessary, and never spin if there are any loose parts.  Be sure to have a safety with you each time.


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