Prisma Series Performance Hoop




Under stage lighting and in the sunlight, these classic prismatic tapes always captivate and hold their own even among the color shifting tapes!
Available in Silver Prisma, Gold Prisma, Pink Prisma, or Black Prisma.
For the performer on a budget, or even the everyday hooper who just want to get lost in their circle.

They come riveted with a push button connector. Message me if you would like it sanded as a free service. Insert material used is POLYPRO.
5/8″ tubing is better suited for hoops 34″ and under. Not the best for beginners

For travel, it is best to avoid coiling your hoop down all the way to connect the ends to each other. This puts strain on the insert material and the tension may cause your hoop to crack. You can use velcro straps or cable lock ties to attatch the ends of the to your partially coiled down hoop.

If you don’t see the exact size that you need, I would be happy to take one down in size to your exact specs.


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